Business Travel Tips To Stay In Any Of The St Paul’s London Hotels

If you are planning your business travel to the heart of the capital city of London and your purpose is taken care of by the financial district of the city, the most convenient stay can be ensured if you book hotels near St Paul’s London Underground. However, if you are on your first business trip to London, here are a few tips that would determine a hassle free travel.

Greeting Someone

Usually a formal and customary greeting is made by a brief and friendly handshake. Most of the time, the first acquaintances are addressed by their first names.

Business Hours

Most of the offices in London operate between 09:00 and 17:30 from Monday to Friday. However, the specific business hours vary from one industry to another. The banks in London are open from 09:00 to 17:00 and from Monday to Friday. Some of the larger banks are open on Saturday mornings too. The men and women are expected to wear suits for any of the business meetings although the British generally adopt an informal still presentable dress code.

London Stock Exchange

A short way from the Threadneedle Street, the public gallery is no more open for general public. The human scrum of leaders has been replaced by the computerized dealing.

Meeting Rooms and Conference Centres

London is s home to several business centres located right in the heart of the city. You can choose from a range of hotel venues to unusual corporate venues for any of your corporate events in London on your trip.


Londoners are crazy for good food. Therefore, on your business trip to the city you will have ample options to have your meals.


St Paul’s is an area which offers stunning range of accommodation in the heart of the city and near the famous St, Paul’s Cathedral. It is already an admirable region for all those business travel visiting the city solely for corporate reasons.


You will find an increasingly negative attitude for smoking in the British. With government legislation which is on a way to ban smoking, there are a few restaurants which strictly follow “no smoking” campaign and the other offer a dedicated are to smoke. Moreover, it is always advised especially to the business visitors to smoke only with the like minded people in London.

Which Decorating Style Should You Use In Your Home?

When decorating their first home, many people have to stop and ask themselves, “What’s my style? How do I want to decorate this room?” This is a pretty common problem among first-time homeowners. Should you go with a sleek and modern style, or something more rustic and eclectic? Does the rich and vibrant Tuscan style suit you better, or is your style more in line with the simple elegance of the French style?

Read this article for a few tips on how to figure out what your decorating style is.

What Are Your Color Preferences?

Believe it or not, the colors you prefer can influence what kind of decorating style you like. Certain types of decor tend to have a certain color palette that accompanies them, so this can be an easy way for you to get an idea of what kind of decor you’ll like in your home.

For example, do you like the simplicity of black and white, with the occasional pop of vibrant colors? Then the contemporary style may be for you. Many pieces of contemporary furniture in Seattle come in simple black and white colors. You can dress these up with brightly colored pillow for the sleek, contemporary style.

Other decorating styles typically have the following color palettes:

• Rustic/Country – This style focuses on neutral earth tones. If you like unfinished woods, rich brown leather, and earthy wall colors, you may be drawn to the rustic or country decorating style.

• Tuscan – Tuscan decor usually incorporates a lot of warm tones, like burnt oranges and deep, brownish reds. If you love these warm tones, and the occasional wrought iron accent, you’ll love Tuscan decor.

• French – French decor favors lighter, breezier color–especially pale blue and white–with the occasional solid black to ground the lighter colors. If you like pastels and other light colors, you may like the French decorating style.

What Art Speaks to You?

Art can be a good gauge of what kind of decorating style you may like. If you can, visit an art gallery and pay attention to what kinds of art you’re drawn to. While some people may be fascinated by the geometric designs and bright colors of modern art, others will breeze right by those paintings in favor of realistic landscapes and still-life portraits.

If you find yourself drawn to modern art, then contemporary decor is probably the kind of decorating style you’ll want to go with. If you have no interest in that kind of art, then you definitely don’t want to decorate your home that way. Pay attention to what you like and expand upon that to figure out what you’d like in your home.

Where Do You Feel Comfortable?

Pay attention to how other people decorate their homes and how you feel when you’re visiting them. For some people, a home decorated in the contemporary style will feel exciting and edgy. Other people find the style too cold and sterile for their tastes. On the other hand, some people feel that an eclectic country decor is homey and inviting while others feel it is cluttered and overwhelming.

If someone’s decorating style makes you feel right at home, then look around and figure out what it is about the room that makes you feel so comfortable. You can then try to replicate this feeling in your own home, whether that be with rustic furniture or contemporary furniture in Seattle. After all, when it comes down to it, the most important thing about decorating your home is that you feel comfortable and happy in the environment you create. Everything else is negotiable.

Wedding Planning Horror Stories – You Will Need This Guide!

Getting married in the very near future or thinking about how would I possibly organise such a day? Weddings are a special day that can be quite stressful if they are not organised and planned from the start. The last thing you want on your wedding day is for services or things to mess up causing you grief.

In this article we have compiled a simple checklist wedding guide that can help assist you in planning the lead up the big day.

Your Wedding Guide!

• Book in your wedding date very early to eliminate room for error
• Schedule in your florist and the flower arrangement you love
• Make appointments to see your photographer that you have researched from via referrals, bridal fairs or online searches then book early
• If require a videographer follow same steps
• Hire your DJ or a Live band
• View your favourite church / ceremony and lock in your day
• Source your wedding rings / bands
• If having an outdoor ceremony you will require a marriage celebrant
• Lock in your wedding venue early to avoid disappointment
• Head to your wedding dress shops to start fit outs. Referal recommendations are a great way
• The Groom and Groomsmen will require suits fits and pre-fits leading up to the wedding day
• Wedding cake
• Buy a wedding guest book so that written memories are captured forever
• If all this sounds stressful, hire your own wedding planner and they will do all the work for you
• Lock in your favourite cars to ferry you on the day. If you don’t require cars then use yours or a friend’s.
• Book in your relaxation honeymoon holiday early also

Having this simple checklist can help you get the show on the road. To book many of these services we recommend that you research them appropriately. A great way is to get referrals from friends and family. Ensure you have fun along the way so that the lead and the wedding date will be stress free and a day to truly remember.

Dulwich Art Gallery in London – A Hidden Gem

Everyone knows London’s top galleries – the National Gallery, Tate Modern, Tate Britain. But there’s a world-class gallery hiding in the black-cab no-go zone, deep in South London – the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

The gallery came into existence completely by accident. Two London art dealers had been engaged to put together an art collection for king Stanislaus Augustus of Poland; but when he was forced to abdicate in 1795, they had the artwork left on their hands. Poland’s loss was London’s gain; having failed to sell the collection to a single buyer they decided that it should be kept on public display.

Dulwich doesn’t have the medieval and early renaissance collections of the National Gallery, nor the wealth of nineteenth and twentieth century art that Tate Britain and Tate Modern possess. What is does have is old masters’ works from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from across Europe.

There’s a good collection of Flemish baroque work including Rubens’s Venus and Mars and a large collection of French work including paintings by Poussin and Claude. Italian painters such as Raphael, Veronese, Guido Reni, and the later work of Tiepolo and Canaletto are well-represented with still lifes, landscapes, and portraits. There are four Rembrandts, including one (the portrait of Jacob de Gheyn) which is said to be the world’s single most stolen artwork representing the Dutch painting of the time. The eighteenth century in Britain is well represented by Reynolds and Gainsborough, and Watteau’s delightful, delicate visions represent the later French school.

As in any gallery, I’ve got my favourite pieces of art, and some of them are not what you might expect. For instance, many people might pick Reynolds’ portrait of Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse as the best example of his work, but I don’t particularly like its rather air-brushed style and slight touch of posturing. Instead, I’d pick his self-portrait. Unlike Rembrandt, who enjoyed play-acting and dressing-up in his self-portraits, Reynolds here presents an arresting image of a painter taken by surprise – he’s wearing his specs, his mouth seems slightly open in a wry smile, he even seems to have a little five o’clock shadow.

It’s a startlingly intimate picture, but it also throws down a challenge – dare you meet his eyes? Do you dare to let him see you, perhaps paint you?

Here a few other favourites:

A Ruisdael Landscape with Windmills, which is a typical Dutch theme, but here transformed by the louring grey sky and the sense of a storm coming; it’s a drama of suspense, the light strange and white as it often is on stormy days, the windmills dark and threatening.

Watteau’s Le Plaisir du Bal shows the evening’s festivities in a vaulted summer-house. The architectural frame dominates the picture, but it’s the misty light, the shadow of the trees in the background, the gleam of silk and satin dresses, that really hold the stage; it’s a dream of delight, a world of flirtation and teasing in which the heat and glare of the bright afternoon sun has gone, but night never quite comes.

Rubens’s Romulus Setting up a Trophy is not his most recognized work, and most visitors will head directly for his Venus, Mars and Cupid or one of the other big mythological pictures. But I like this one – a dark and brooding piece, all black and red, with glittering dark armour and ruddy flesh; a vision of violence, a thin, narrow painting. It may not be great draughtsmanship but it’s got real character.

Gainsborough’s The Linley Sisters is a lovely double portrait. The sisters’ different characters are brought out in their poses, their faces, the different colours of their blue and yellowy-brown dresses; one daydreams distantly, one looks directly at us. They are, perhaps, an image of the active and the contemplative life – though both in fact had the same profession as singers on the London stage; and they are set not in a drawing room or against a classical background, but in front of a woody bank, their dresses echoing the colours of the landscape, daughters of nature rather than mistresses of art.

But the last work of art and perhaps the most unusual is the gallery itself – the first purpose-built art gallery in England.

It was designed by Sir John Soane in 1811, with a heavy, austere exterior – almost plain but for the single row of arches set in the walls, and the towers at the corners. His stroke of genius was to create skylights and glass domes to light all the rooms from the top, bathing each painting in evenly diffused light. Soane’s own house in Lincoln’s Inn Fields also included light but used for dramatic rather than practical effect; his house is a piece of theatre, but this is a calming, self-effacing background for the pictures.

If you’re planning to have easy access by car to Dulwich Art Gallery while staying in a pretty market town on your next trip to the UK, you may want to search for Guildford hotels and sample the area’s exciting culinary scene by visiting some of the best restaurants in Guildford.

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Take the Time to Enjoy Art Gallery Paintings

Visiting an art gallery can be a great trip for a date, a family outing, or simply a company of friends who are looking for something different to do. This is an inexpensive venture that can be quite educational and allows you to enjoy the arts. You will enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere and the casual attitude of those who are attending the gallery. Who knows, you may take home one of the art gallery paintings to enjoy and call your own!

Art galleries can in general scope across a wide variety of artwork, including paintings, photography, sculpture, and drawings. Paintings, however, are by far the most popular forms present. People spend thousands to purchase intricate and classic paintings from renowned artists all over the world. The art gallery offers a venue for both local and national artists to show off their work and create interest in their style.

If one cannot afford a real painting, but still would love one of these fabulous works of art in your home, many authors are more than happy to sell a copy in print form. This is one of the advantages to meeting the painters themselves and getting familiar with their art. You are more likely to find pieces that you truly love and the artist will often offer a more affordable print version of their work to those who do not prefer the real thing.

When you go to visit an art gallery, you should dress in smart casual dress. Wearing jeans and a tee shirt will not only make you stand out, but you will feel uncomfortable. You are going to view professionally painted works of art, and you should give the artist the respect he deserves by dressing up a little for the event.

It is a good idea to keep conversational tones low while browsing among art at a gallery. Speaking in hushed tones keeps the atmosphere respectful and relaxing for all. This is simple courteousness that everyone will appreciate. Do your best to act polite and stay out of people’s line of view.

Also, find the owner of the gallery and speak pleasantly to him or her, introducing yourself and complimenting the artwork presented. Don’t overdo this; simply give some honest feedback on the niceness of the event and featured works.

Sign in at the guestbook to have your name added to a mailing list. This will alert you to future sales and auctions so that you may have more opportunity to pick up a few pieces of art at a steal.

If you want to enjoy this experience to the fullest, it is a good idea to do a slight bit of research before you visit any art gallery to see art gallery paintings. Find out which artists will be featured and do enough digging to also know a little bit about their personal history and art styles. This will allow you to speak with confidence and have an idea of what to say should you have the pleasure of meeting the artist while at the exhibit. You will be able to better compliment them and they will see that you have taken the time to become knowledgeable about their work.

Al Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from artwork for sale [] to American football. Thanks for reading!

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Ideas For Getting to Grips With the Smart Casual Dress Code

It’s natural to feel a bit confused when you’re invited to an event where the dress code is “smart casual”. You’ll find you’re certainly not the only one trying on outfit after outfit and wondering whether it’s appropriate, too smart or too casual.

Events that are likely to see guests invited to wear smart casual clothing are office parties, gallery openings and even some job interviews, particularly in the creative industries. Ever thought jeans are just too casual and a little black dress is too smart for any of these? Think again! Let’s take a look at some ideas for styling the perfect smart casual outfit.

Job Interviews

Essentially, inviting you to wear a smart casual outfit is your potential employer’s way of saying he doesn’t want to see endless amounts of people wearing bland, professional suits that say nothing about their personalities. Don’t think someone’s visual appearance doesn’t influence decisions. Clothes are a powerful medium through which people can express themselves.

Nonetheless, don’t take it as an invitation to show up in your favourite jeans. For job interviews it’s worth focusing on the smart side of the scale. Choose classics like fitted trousers or a knee-length skirt and build your outfit from there. Play around with colours but avoid very bright tones and opt for pastels and subdued tones instead.

An ideal smart casual interview outfit could be cropped tailored trousers in a camel tone teamed with a striped sailor shirt, a fitted cardigan and leather brogues. If you’re keen on wearing a skirt, substitute the trousers for a high-waisted skirt, a Parisian-chic look if you like.

Gallery Openings

Arty gatherings are one of the most fun reasons to style an outfit as you can afford to be quirkier and more experimental than usual. A lot of people will have paid a lot of attention to what they’re wearing as fashion plays an important part in the industry.

For these occasions avoid cheap high street shops and choose to spend a bit more money on a unique outfit. Look towards vintage fashion for inspiration, and browse retro clothing shops and higher end high street stores.

A cool and comfy option is to wear a floaty dress with opaque tights and simple shoes. Look for block-coloured dresses adorned with sequins, cut-outs or lace. Choose a fab pair of earrings and you’re good to go.

Office Parties

Your office party outfit will depend on the venue, but in most cases can be more casual than smart. Chances are you’re in for a long night and quite a bit of drinking so you want to focus on comfort. Don’t squeeze into a tiny, tight dress just because you want to impress colleagues. They’ll be equally impressed if you throw together a cute and comfy outfit involving jeans. Yes, jeans, can be worn if selected in a quality denim and trendy fit.

Dark denims are considered the smartest but don’t opt for baggy fits or ripped styles. Choose tight-fitting jeans in full length or cropped versions.

Team the trousers with a sexy low-cut top in a trendy metallic fabric, satin or velvet to add a glamorous touch to the fashion basic. Accessorise liberally and don’t forget a pair of killer heels in patent or glittery styles as long as they go with your top. Rediscover the versatility of skinny jeans and you’ll never want to go back to wearing bland and uncomfy little black dresses.

Harvey McEwan writes to offer information and advice on a variety of areas, from technology to holiday destinations. Read through Harvey’s other articles here to find out more.

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How to Find a Unique Black Wedding Dress

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Expert Author Felecity Aldridge

A Black wedding dress can be so stunning. Imagine a hand beaded full bodice black wedding gown with a corset styled back. This bridal gown would have lots of Swarovki crystals all over the black skirt.

This is what I call a very memorable moment of exotic beauty. Many women, perhaps have never given any consideration about the beauty of a black wedding dress.

Now if you’re looking for some gowns there are some awesome bridal gown stores in the United Kingdom that carry black wedding dresses. You can do a search for these by using the word gothic wedding dresses.

A lot of the shops in the United Kingdom can also ship to other countries so make sure that you call and ask about shipping. Now if after all the searching you still don’t see what you are looking for you can always have someone make you a unique black wedding dress.

When you hire someone to make you a wedding gown, your gown will now become unique and you can have it designed your way.

Make sure you are planning ahead if this is your decision to design your gown. You will want to shop around for the fabric to make sure you are finding what you are looking for in black fabric.

There are some designers like the Alfred Angelo dress gallery who can order a dress from his gallery in black. Imagine if you decided to go with an awesome black wedding dress. The colors that go with the color black, often seem to look more beautiful and vivid in contrast to the color black. For instance, if your wedding is going to be around Christmas time, you can have a black and gold wedding.

Everyone in your wedding party would be wearing black with gold accents. This is a wonderful holiday look. Now if you decide to get married around Valentine’s Day your colors could be black and red. The colors black and red together are very bold and rich looking.

Take a minute and imagine yourself carrying some beautiful red roses as you walk down the aisle in that beautiful black wedding dress. Always remember this is the day that you express your ideas with your love ones.

Our wedding guide will give you ideas on planning, saving money, and advice. There are ideas on cakes, elegant gowns,invitations, favors, gifts and much more that you can do yourself.

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